Friday, September 18, 2009

How to buy Shares in Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE)?

Local InvestorsGo to any member (List of Brokers can be found at ) of CSE & open CDS Account (The account which hold shares behalf of you until you sell it).Once your CDS Account is opened you are ready to buy & sell shares.
Foreign InvestorsFirst go to any commercial bank operating in Sri Lanka & open Share Investment External Rupee Account then contact a broker to open CDS account with your Passport Copy.
There are two ways to purchase shares
From a new issue of shares (Primary Market),The primary market is the market for new shares or debenture issues. In the primary market, the security is purchased directly from the issuer (company). In a primary issue, the company offering the share/debenture issue publishes a document known as the prospectus. It is an invitation to the generalpublic to buy shares or debentures of that company. On the Secondary Market through a stock broker.A market in which an investor could either buy or sell shares, debentures and Government Securities from or to another investor, subsequent to the original issuance in the primary market.
Types of securities traded at the CSE
Shares Corporate Debentures Government Securities
What is Central Depository Systems (Pvt) Ltd?
Central Depositors Systems (Pvt) Ltd is wholly owned Subsidiary of the CSE, which has taken over the functions of Clearing, Settlement and Registration from the Stock Exchange.

How do I open a CDS account?
To open a Securities Account in the CDS you should complete an Account Opening Form, which can be obtained from your stockbroker or custodian bank. There are no fees charged for opening a CDS account. Your participant organisation may call for documents establishing your identity. It is possible to open and operate an account on the same day.

Every account will be identified through a unique account number and all correspondence and dealings, including trading and depository activities, will refer to this account number. Your CDS accounts should be operated through your Participant organisation, and any changes to your account will have to be forwarded through theParticipant. You cannot issue instructions directly to the CDS.

For more info go to FAQ when open CDS accout

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  1. Do you know of any banks in the USA that I can open a Rupee Account with? Thanks!

    1. why do you need a Rupee account in the US? You will be at a disadvantage by having your money in rupees at a time like this.

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  4. I have 60,000 only! How many shares can I purchase?

    1. That depends on which company stocks you're going to invest in. Stick prices range widely.