Sunday, October 4, 2009

CSE - Online Trading / Internet Trading

This is the big topic we are going to talk about. We believe Internet Trading is about empowering the individual investor. Since nowadays internet is easy access resource Online Trading will be the future of stock exchange.
An online investor gains convenience and saves time with direct access (through the stockbroker) to the trading system and 24-hour access to market information. But this depends on how much sophisticate your broker’s website is. Investors can rest assured if the system is fully secured.
As listed in CSE official website, Internet Trading at the CSE is facilitated via eighteen broker Firms. They are as follows:
Via - (Asia Securities. Asha Philip Securities. Ceylinco Stock Brokers. Lanka Securities. Acuity Stock Brokers.Capital Alliance. SMB Securities .)


  1. 1 None of these systems are accesable 24hrs, they are worst to access duruing time of heavy trading.

    2. The CSE website is very often not working

    3. If you are lucky enough to log in you must remeber the trading is not real time, you are actually trading 2mins behind real time and the orders you place on this delayed info can be sometimes heavy.

    4 if you compare the info on CSE, CDAX and Direct FN , and the JKH ASHA etc the figs differ at any given time

    5.It is not possible to acces the systems 24hrs as said ,its only a misleading statement for a newcomer.
    6. when the regulator is so strict these days should they not look into the misleading info provided for online trading