Friday, September 10, 2010

How Sri lanka stock market works?

Please visit Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) web site at It gives most of the information that one need to know to enter into Stock Market. From your wording it looks like you are not in Sri Lanka.
It is good to read the section at Getting Started --> Foreign Investment in Shares.

Basically there are more than 230 companies divided into 20 different sectors. Investing in CSE stocks is investing (buying shares) in one of the 230 odd companies. There is only one equity fund listed in CSE.

You can read most of the information (quarterly financial reports, Annual reports, major announcements) about each company via CSE web site
Trading is open from 09:30 to 14:30 hrs. (Local time) from Monday to Friday except on public and Bank holidays.
Each investor has to register with one of the broker companies. There are more than 15 broker companies that allow to trade via Internet where ever you are. You can register with more than one company and is free as at this day. Few companies use versatile more informative programs to interact with CSE. To my knowledge Asia Securities (Pvt) Ltd. and Asha Phillip Securities (Pvt) Ltd. facilitate to trade using DirectFM (you can read more in the Internet) client program to trade. You can do your technical analysis at any time of the day. Many other broker firms use a client program called CDAX and some of them have web base trading facility too.

Each trade will cost you about 1.02% as various taxes and commissions. As at these days CSE have introduced a new rule where each company share price can only vary 10% from the previous day closing price.

Good luck.

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